One brushstroke at a time...
you can free your mind from the
should’s, have to’s, limitations
and worries.
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One brushstroke at a time...
you can free your mind from the
should’s, have to’s, limitations
and worries.
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Rise Above is where your spiritual journey and your desire to experience creative flow come together. Whitney Freya guides you into your own Sacred Personal Painting Practice where spiritual teachings become visible. Meditation, manifestation, and your desire for a magical life can be created right now with a rainbow palette and a blank canvas! Whitney makes it fun, easy and practical--so that you begin to create the art that is your life in the way that YOU desire!
Whitney Freya
Whitney Freya was a wanna-be artist until 1996, when she took the leap to follow her intuition & a call to liberate herself and others from a linear, logical and predictable life. She opened The Creative Fitness Center with ZERO art training! After watching the transformations of hundreds of her students, she manifested her first publishing deal and began to travel globally to speak to the heARTs of those who wanted to create life from a higher perspective. She founded her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program in 2010 to ensure as many people as possible remember their infinite creative nature in as supportive a way as possible.

Whitney has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She has appeared on summits alongside
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden & more. Humanitarian News recognized Whitney for her work with Women for Women International. She lives in the “wild west” of NE Oregon with her three teenagers, who LOVE to “think creatively!”

Whitney is also the author of The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming
Creatively Fit and 33 Things to Know About Raising Creative Kids (these under her previous name Whitney Ferre').

Learn more and connect at
One brushstroke at a time...
…you can free your mind from the should’s,have to’s, limitations and worries.
…you can align with the awareness that YOU are the sole creator of your experience.
One brushstroke at a time, you can restore your natural, co-creative, relationship with your Soul.
What people have to say about the book?
Simply gorgeous book!!! It’s full of inspiration and a pleasure to read. Do you own other books that are similar?
Probably. But the page quality, the color, the “heft” are all unmatched. I plan to buy this book as gifts for my artist friends...and friends who wish to become artists!
Whitney has me seeing more clearly HOW I am constantly creating in my life. I am creating the energy that surrounds me with my words and my thoughts. My Personal Painting Practice has given me a fun and easy way to tap into feelings of peace. I used to worry so much more. I used to feel stress so much more. Now, when I feel anything less than Super Soul Flow I know just what to do! Buy the Super Soul Flow package…you won’t regret it!
Fantastic, richly colorful, and engaging book, full of lovingly curated, creative and expressive manna for the artistic soul. So well laid out/organized, user-friendly & very beautiful!! I hardly ever spend this on a book.... had 0 reservation in buying it and once received knew why!!! I cherish it and going through it very slowly & thoroughly...   thank you, Whitney!!!
by Whitney Freya
This book is beyond what I can express with words. Whitney Freya is so generous with her gifts of insight and beautiful artwork. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore art and how it can help change our lives.
Karen, Creatively Fit Certified Coach
I love the way Rise Above is organized. It does not have to be read or worked within any given order. When I want some inspiration, I thumb through it and pick out a topic that appeals to me.
Coffee Table worthy :) Love this book! Very uplifting, visual art piece.
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